Pro Tech Roofing & Construction of Davie has served the community
for over 25 years with new roofs and roof repairs

Did you know asphalt shingles can get soft and fade in the extreme South Florida heat? Did you know metal roofs require more insulation so that raindrops don’t sound like a military exercise at night, which is partly why metal roofs are more expensive? From tiles to wood to clay to gravel, Pro Tech Roofing has studied it, mastered it, and both installed it and repaired it.

Whether the roof of your home has been damaged by the infamous South Florida weather, or you are looking to increase the property value of the house, the professionals at Pro Tech are ready to walk you through it. If a previous roofer cut corners, leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks or other issues, Pro Tech can help you assess and make a plan to move forward, either with a new roof for your home or guaranteed repair of the old one. 

With Pro Tech Roofing & Construction in Davie, roof repairs and replacements have never been less stressful or more streamlined. We have a team of experienced roofers with over 25 years of service in South Florida, ensuring your home could not be in safer hands.

Choosing Your Roof 

Pro Tech Roofing offers a wide variety of material options. The style, texture and color all depend on your home’s needs, your budget, and your personal taste. You will have virtually all the options when designing your ideal roof.

Gravel: Typically used for flat roofs without any slope, we layer the gravel over tar paper and asphalt to keep your roof free of leaks or water damage. Gravel roofs can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance.

Shingles: These tend to be one of the most popular types of roofing due to its cost-effectiveness and variety of styles from which to choose. And a well-kept shingle roof can last up to 20 years without requiring replacement. Shingles come in wood, asphalt, slate, and more, with all the colors. All of them. 

Tiles: One of the best ways to keep your roof insulated and beautiful, tiles are among the oldest types of roofing. Traditionally made from clay or slate, tiles date back to ancient Greece architecture and are extremely durable and long-lasting. A good tile roof can last up to 50 years, so they tend to be more of a long-term investment.

What Makes Pro Tech a Roofer You Can Trust?

Pro Tech Roofing & Construction is licensed, insured, and has been serving Broward and Palm Beach counties with high quality roofing services (including new roof installation, repairs, and construction services) for over 25 years. There is a whole list of reasons to consider a new roof for your home: leaks, holes, missing tiles, water damage, just for a start. By installing quality roofing over your home, you are securing your home’s interior for years to come. And a new roof will increase the property value to boot.

If you are ever considering selling your home in the future, putting a new roof over your head is not only guaranteed to keep your home safe and sound from Florida’s weather, it’s also a sure-fire way to make it look great. This is especially important as, done right, a roof can last half a decade without ever needing to be replaced. 

Family Owned. Relationship Driven!

With Pro Tech Roofing & Construction, there is no shortage of styles and types of roofing to choose from; be it shingles, tiles, or gravel, there are many ways to make your home look beautiful from the outside in. But also, we base the relationships we have with our clients on the tried and true philosophies of honesty, integrity and hard work. That’s why our slogan is:

“Building Relationships…One Roof at a Time!”