South Florida’s tropical sun is wonderful for sunbathing at the beach, but too much of a good thing can be dangerous, just like anything else. The same is true of the roof over your head in your home or office in Davie. Nearly every day, your roof is exposed to South Florida’s hot sun and other harsh elements like heavy rain and wind, especially during hurricane season. That’s why roof repair and roof maintenance is not only essential to maintain your roof’s longevity, but it also helps prevent minor damages from becoming major problems by catching them early on. At Pro Tech Roofing & Construction, Inc., our experienced team of roofing professionals offers a complete range of roof repair services, including new roof installation and maintenance for various roof types such as shingles, metal, and clay tile roofing.

How to Maintain Your Existing or New Roof for Years to Come:

  • Check Gutters for Debris and Insects

Observation is the key to maintaining your roof. Look to see if there is any debris clogging your gutters. Small animals and insects can also clog your gutters. Build up like this causes damage to both your gutters and roof, so they must remain as clear as possible. Checking your gutters before and after storms can help prevent water overflow, which can potentially damage your roof.  

  • Check for Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are one of the most common roof repairs. If you have a roof leak, it can also cause damage to your attic. When water from your attic seeps into the interior of your home, it can lead to mold growth. Mold and mildew issues can add up to thousands of dollars in the long run for repairs with remediation and even result in potential health issues for you and your family.

  • Add Extra Insulation to Your Attic

Adding extra insulation in your attic helps your roof last longer. This is because extra insulation helps prevent moisture that may attract decay, mold, and bugs from accumulating in your roof system  

  • Remove Over Hanging Trees

Heavy rainstorms and strong winds can easily cause nearby trees and branches to fall on your roof, causing severe damage. Trimming trees and removing dead branches before a storm can help prevent serious roof damage from occurring.  

  • Take a Look Around Your Property

Simply stepping outside and taking a walk around the perimeter of your home can help you save thousands of dollars in roof repairs. Makin sure to look at your roof from all angles could reveal a roof leak or cracked tile that you hadn’t noticed before.

Hire a Trusted Team of Experts for Roof Repair and Maintenance

The professional team of roofers at Pro Tech Roofing & Construction, Inc. has over 25 years of combined experience. We take pride in offering the South Florida community expert and efficient roof repair, maintenance, and new roof installation. With a history of providing exceptional work and customer service, it’s no wonder our clients say that we are the best in the business. One of the best ways to prevent roof damage and the need for roof repair in your Davie home is by calling an expert roofing company today. Don’t delay. Call us today for a free quote at (954) 593-8240.