Roof Style Designs for Homes in Broward and Palm Beach

Many people often think of the roof material ( shingle, tile etc. ) when thinking of the tpe of roof they like, but the style of your roof, while not as obvious, will prove just as important to how your home looks and how it handles the weather. Here are the most popular roof styles and designs we see in South Florida.


Pros – Hip roofs are similar to Pitched or Gable roofs. The difference is they have a steadier construction so they are well suited for the stormy weather of the Davie to Delray Beach area.

Cons – Hip roofs have a larger number of seams than other roof styles and that make them more likely to have leaks. We are ready to repair your hip roof if necessary.

Pitched or Gable

Pros – Pitched or Gable roof styles (also known as A-Frame roofs) are widely known to be the most popular roof styles here in Palm Beach and Broward counties. These sloped roofs can provide extra room in an attic as well. They also are excellent at draining water during those heavy Florida rains.

Cons – Pitched or Gable roofs, if not properly installed can collapse. In addition stormy weather and hurricanes can have an adverse effect and these roofs tend to not hold up well.

Mansard or French

Pros – Mansard or French style roofs provide additional areas for attics and for those decorative types.

Cons – Neither Mansard nor French roof styles are suitable to handle heavy snow. This is not really a problem in our area as Davie, Oakland Park to Boca Raton and Delray Beach rarely have snow.


Pros – While flat roofs are normally seen in commercial buildings, they are known to expand living space in areas like gardens or patios. They are also inexpensive.

Cons – Flat roofs are very vulnerable to damage and leaks, especially in areas that have lots of rain.


If your roof is in need of an upgrade, if you’d like a new roof, need a roof repair or you want to know how to best maintain your roof, contact Protech Roofers in Davie and Oakland Park, Florida today!