Your roof is probably the last thing on your mind until it leaks. Often, that leak could have been prevented, avoiding costly damage to your home. There are some things you can do to see if it’s time to call a professional roofer in Pompano Beach. You don’t have to be a handyman or even own a toolbox, we’ll walk you through the basics.


Pro Tech Roofing & Construction has over 25 years of experience helping South Florida homeowners replace and repair their roofs. We are licensed and insured and stand behind our work 100%. We are located in Davie, FL, and serve all of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Our slogan is “Building Relationships… One Roof At A Time!” Read the tips below and if you think you have a damaged roof, give Pro Tech a call.

An Old Roof Means A New Roof.

With age comes beauty, but not if you are a roof. Most professionally installed new roofs will last about 20 years. Even if you’ve never had a damaged roof, you will still want to replace it after that amount of time. You’ll want to give Pro Tech a call to inspect your roof if it is nearing the 20 year age mark.

A Dirty Gutter Could Mean You Need A New Roof.

Hop up on the ladder and give your gutters and downspouts a good once-over. If you see shingle granules in there, you better call an expert. Even if it hasn’t been 20 years, if your shingles are losing a lot of granules, your roof is on its way out.

Look Under The Hood.

Get in the attic and look for beams of light coming through the roof. Also, use your flashlight and check for streaks and stains. If you see either, there is a good chance it is leaking. A damaged roof on the outside can lead to leaking on the inside. Our team can come and inspect to see if you need a new roof or just some simple repairs

Check the Shingles.

Take a good thorough look at the shingles on the roof and make sure they are lying flat. Curled, cracked, broken, or missing shingles could indicate you need a new roof. At the very least, your damaged roof needs repairs. You should always give your roof a once over before hurricane season starts and you should also give it a good look anytime a major storm passes over. This will help you stay ahead of damages before they get too bad.

Drooping Or Sagging

Do you see a noticeable sag to your roof or ceiling? If so, call Pro Tech right away! If it’s the roof, it is having serious structural issues and should be replaced immediately. This type of damaged roof can and will cause structural damage to your home if not addressed immediately.


If you notice the ceiling is sagging, push up onto it with your hand or a broom handle. It might not be serious but if the ceiling feels soft or soggy you probably have a leak somewhere on the roof. Call us for a free inspection and we’ll be able to repair your damaged roof before things get worse.

Critters and Other Pests

If you discover a family of furries up in the attic, call the exterminator, then call us. These little fellas can cause real harm to your roof. Chances are they got in through a hole or small opening in your roof. If they have been there a while, it may mean you need a new roof. Either way, we can inspect the structure to determine if it’s simply a damaged roof or worse. 


Call ProTech

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