If you are looking to replace or build a new roof, you might be considering metal as an option. South Floridians who are considering this have probably noticed more of these roofs going up around them. From Miami Beach to West Palm, more South Florida residents are opting for metal roofing.


While the initial cost is a bit more than most other roofs, the curb appeal, and longevity more than make up for it. Below is our Top 8 List for the benefits of metal roofing for your home.

1. Metal Roofs Have A Long Lifespan.

The material’s longevity is the main reason homeowners choose to re-roof or build a new home. A well-installed metal roof will typically last as long as the home, which is anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Traditional asphalt roofing lasts for 12 to 20 years. 


The material’s exceptional durability means that it can withstand all kinds of weather, including wind gusts up to 140 mph. It also has rust-proof coatings so it will not crack or corrode. These two facts are the main reasons why metal roofing is perfect for a South Florida home.

2. They Are Energy Efficient.

Metal roofing provides great insulation and can keep your home comfortable all year. A metal roof can even lower your heating and air conditioning bills. Cool roof ratings are available for darker metal roofs. They reflect sunlight and do not absorb heat in the summer.

3. It Adds Great Curb Appeal To Your Home.

Metal roofs can add beauty to your home with their sleek and sharp appearance. You have the option to choose from zinc, copper, aluminum, or galvanized metal in a wide range of colors, finishes, and even shapes. 


The variety of metal roofing options is greater than that of traditional asphalt shingles. There are over 100 color options for metal roofing. These include standard, premium, and custom colors. Both aluminum and steel, which are the most commonly used metals in residential roofing, can hold paint well.

4. They Are Eco-friendly

The National Association of Homebuilders Research Center has estimated that more than 20 million pounds of asphalt shingles are being dumped each year into landfills. Metal roofs have a higher recycled content than asphalt, at 56%. 


Most metal roofing systems are compatible with your current roof, so a replacement won’t cause any extra waste that has to be taken to the dump. Its energy efficiency will lower your electric bill, reducing your footprint.

5. Metal Roofing Will Make Your Home Easier To Sell.

A metal roof will not just improve the aesthetic appeal of your house, it also increases the value when you sell it. Potential homebuyers tend to lean towards homes with metal roofing. It gives them a sense of security and confidence. Since these types of roofs can last 50+ years, they know it won’t have to be replaced right away.

6. They Are Fire-resistant.

Metal roofing can withstand fire. They are usually made of zinc copper, steel, and alloys making them resistant to wildfires and lightning strikes. It also won’t ignite and spread the fire further unlike other roofing materials.

7. It Weighs Less Than Other Roofing Systems.

Low-weight roofs can help protect structures from damage and structural movement as they age. They are the lightest of all residential roofs. Metal roofing is light enough that it can be easily installed over your existing roof.

8. You Might Sleep Better At Night.

For many South Floridians, the sound of rain on a metal roof can take us to another place and time. This soothing sound can cause nostalgia and patter you to sleep. The sound of rain on metal roofing is often used in audio sleep aids.


Metal roofing can be louder than other types, particularly during heavy rains or thunderstorms. However, additional layers of insulation or solid sheathing will reduce the noise inside.


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