Types of Roofs: The Pros and Cons of Each

There are at least 9 types of roofs. As a homeowner, you just want what is best for your home ( and your budget ). Not all of these materials are suitable for the homes in our Broward and Palm Beach County area, but our roofers have put together the pros and cons of what we have available so you can make a more informed decision in deciding upon your new roof.
Examples of types of roofs in South Florida

Asphalt Shingles

Pros – Of all the various types of roofing materials, Asphalt Shingles are considered the most popular. They are known to handle wet climates very well. They are very sturdy during heavy wind and rain.

Cons – Asphalt shingles may soften or fade in warm weather and lots of sunshine like we have in the South Florida area.

Metal Roofs

Pros – Metal roofs have been shown to handle the warm weather and can keep your home cooler by reflecting the strong Florida sun. Maintenance is easy and mold and fungus are less likely to take hold.

Cons – Metal roofs tend to cost more than most other roofing materials

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Wood Shingles

Pros – Wood shingles normally have the most appealing look and they can be customized in terms of color and texture.

Cons – Wood shingles do not handle the warm, sunny weather here in Florida. They have a history of cracking and splitting in the blazing South Florida sun.


Pros – Slate roofs have a history of handling almost any type of weather. They excel at keeping your home cool and handling the substantial September rains our area has as well as hurricanes.

Cons – Slate roofs are very heavy and you may have to spend extra money to reinforce your roof’s structure. It is also the costliest of all the roofing materials discussed here.


Pros – Clay roofs are very fire resistant.

Cons – Clay roofs can easily break in the storms and strong winds the Fort Lauderdale / Palm Beach County  area is exposed to.

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